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Among the clients of OLTP Consulting are many leading German and international companies in the financial services, telecommunications and transport industries. Our online portfolio entries are indicative of the type of work we do for our clients. The range of services we provide is highly varied. Our solutions generally cut across three broad categories - Strategy, Performance Improvement, and Information Technology.

We focus on striking a balance between creative engineering and pragmatic solutions. Creativity helps us work with clients to apply proven ideas and solutions in novel ways. Experience means these solutions are practical and effective.

If you would like to discuss specific projects, or want to learn more about how we can help build your business, please contact us!


Tandem Computers GmbH

Porting a Telex software package onto a Tandem computer for the German Telex Network.

Deutsche Telekom Card Service GmbH

Consultancy, coaching, and training in the TCARD project.

Deutsche Telekom Innovationsgesellschaft mbH

Implementation of a test simulator for Deutsche Telekom's Customer Billing Enquiry Server (ADS).

Telegraph by Michael Schnös

T-Mobile Deutschland GmbH

  • Operations Support System (OSS) for the D1-Mobile Wireless Network.
  • Operations und Systems Management of the Modacom Wireless Network.
  • Automation of the Data Warehouse "facts & dimensions" using UC4.

SignalSoft Corporation

Introduction of the product LocalInfo by the Swiss Mobile Wireless Operator diAx.

T-Online International AG

Feasibility study and implementation proposal for a VoIP project.

1&1 Internet AG

Requirements proposal for the ASP operability of a click stream Data Warehouse.

Teleca Systems GmbH

  • Feasibility study and implementation proposal for a Home GSM project.
  • Software design and test specification of a proprietary transport protocol module for a Home GSM project.

Transport & Logistics:

Lufthansa AG

Analysis of the IT Infrastructure of Frankfurt Airport's Air Cargo Center, in order to connect the Air Cargo Center to the international Air Waybill network ELAN.

Scandinavian Airlines System

Implementation of a connection control and path routing system for aircraft maintenance.

Luft Transport Union GmbH

Implementation of a TACL skeleton for NetBatch programs for the PROVIT air travel booking and reservation system.

Transport-, Informatik- und Logistik-Consulting GmbH

  • Evaluation of test tools for the Y2K-Certification of Deutsche Bahn's passenger transportation booking system KURS’90.
  • Konzeption und Integration ein Testcenter für regressionsfähigen Tests des Personenverkehr-Buchungssystems KURS’90 der Deutsche Bahn AG.
  • Erweiterung der EVA–Fahrplandatenbank für das unternehmensübergreifende Reisenden-Informations-System (RiS).

Financal Services:

Dresdner Bank AG

  • Porting a BS2000 UPIC conform communications software from SCO-UNIX onto a Tandem computer.
  • Implementation of a session control interface, designed to inter-connect a Tandem core-banking application with a BS2000 Kordoba application.

Heyde+Partner GmbH

Porting a session control software package to openUTM for UPIC, thus enabling the inter-connectivity of a Home Banking Computer Interface (HBCI) with a BS2000 Kordoba application.

Oesterreichische Kontrollbank (OeKB) AG

Tandem system operations Rollout-Manager for the EQOS equity trading system.

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