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Geoffrey Grigor, SystemanalytikerAs our company name suggests, our company has its roots in the "Online Transaction Processing" (OLTP) sector, where we have many years experience, predominately in the telecommunications industry, with mission critical systems. We have successfully applied this knowledge to other industries.

Our clients and partners profit directly from our know-how. As a business-oriented IT consultancy we have proven our competence in numerous, various sized, cross-industry projects:

  • Strategy:

    Many companies today see themselves confronted with the challenge, how to develop their IT infrastructure, in order to be efficient, cost-effective, competitive, and support their business' growth. We develop strategies and concepts, that bring your company's strengths to the foreground. As a partner for innovative strategies and technical solutions, we feel responsible for the success of our client's businesses.

  • Architecture:

    The architecture of a software system is of central importance for most of a system's properties. It determines, how efficent and cost effective an application can be developed and how productive it is likely to be. In addition, a system's architecture determines its life expectancy, its optimization prospects, its future development possibilities, and its adaptability to changing requirements.

    We help you to secure your organization's future. We have widespread consultancy experience in the conception and implementation of system and application architectures. We have developed prototypes and "proof of concept" strategies, in addition, to the evaluation of the effectiveness of standard products in various projects for our clients.

    We lay great weight on giving due consideration to our client's existing systems, their business processes, and their ecomonic constraints. We have a lot of experience in the conception and development of challenging architectures.

  • Business Engineering and Analysis:

    The term Business Engineering in its widest meaning covers the analysis, conception, and implementation of IT business systems (comprising software and hardware) and the corresponding (re-)organization of the business processes themselves. Business analysis helps oranisations improve their activities in order to reduce overall costs, provide more efficient use of resources, and create value for customers.

    The business analyst is a hot commodity right now due to business reliance on technology. The global delivery capabilities of technology today make the challenges of successfully bridging the gap between business and IT even harder. Companies typically don't invest in an IT project without a solid business case. A good business analyst is able to create a solution to a particular business problem and act as a bridge to the technologists who can make it happen. Without the Businesss Analyst role, CIOs are at significant risk that their projects will not solve the business problem for which they were intended. This can cause project overruns, limited ROI or manual workarounds to meet business needs. The CIO risks alienating his customers within the business if he fails to deliver solutions that target their needs.

    Our Business Analysis is based upon good communication skills and attention to detail. We are process driven and able to see a project through conflict and change, from start to finish. Furthermore, we possess the ability to learn new business concepts and can quickly relate them to the specific needs of your project. We liaise among stakeholders in order to elicit, analyze, communicate, and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies, and information systems. We understand business problems and opportunities in the context of the requirements and recommend solutions that enable our clients to achieve their goals.

    We help our clients to secure their future. That's why we offer you our expertise, analytical methodology, and management competence and work for the success of your projects with all our energy and enthusiasm.

  • Systems Engineering and Analysis:

    In systems engineering the emphasis is on the process of bringing systems into being, beginning with the identification of a need and extending through requirements determination, functional analysis and allocation, design synthesis, evaluation, and validation, operation and support, phase-out, and disposal. In systems analysis the focus is on the improvement of systems now in being. By employing the iterative process of analysis, evaluation, feedback, and modification, most systems in existence can be improved in their affordability, effectiveness, and stakeholder satisfaction.

    We have a wealth of experience in the design and evaluation of new systems and in the evaluation of existing systems for the purpose of their improvement. We are experienced in the analysis of complex, heterogeneous, multi-tier systems in the telecommunications, transport & logistics, and financial service industries. The essence of our consultancy work is to find simple solutions to complex problems. We meticulously analyse systems considering all affected areas.

  • Application, Software, and Database Design:

    We design comprehensive solutions acccording to your specific requirements. Our solid experience in the design of scalable application architectures make us a reliable partner. All of our solutions are modular. We encourage our customers to start with a manageable project and add to it over time.

    We're experienced in the NSK and UNIX operating systems as well as transaction monitors and object brokers. Our project experience spans both the structured and object-oriented analysis, design and programming methodologies.

    We're particularly experienced in the application of ENSCRIBE and NonStop SQL as well as Oracle databases.

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