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System Requirements

This Website functions principally with any Browser that supports:

  • HTML 4,
  • CSS Stylesheets 2.1, and
  • JavaScript 1.1

Due to the different source code interpretation of the different Browsers, visual presentation errors cannot be excluded.

For an optimal presentation of this Website we recommend using Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 6 or higher, Mozilla-Firefox 3 or Opera 9.


This Website requires CSS. In particular, CSS Stylesheets are used to optimize the visual presentation for the following Browsers; Microsoft Internet Explorer Versions 6 and 7, Opera Version 9, and Mozilla-Firefox 1.5 or higher.

If you use another Browser and your Browser supports "alternate Syslesheets", you can manually choose one of the following stylesheets by selecting View > Style from the Menu:

  • Explorer,
  • Netscape or
  • Opera.


JavaScript is used on this Website to aid the Navigation, to open Browser-Windows for display purposes, to display the date at the top of each page, to check the input in online-forms and, last but not least, in the selection of a Browser specific CSS stylesheet which controls the Brower's visual presentation.

By default JavaScript is active in all Browsers. If JavaScript is deactivated in your Browser, the above mentioned features, will not be available. The Web-Pages will be displayable. However, since JavaScript is used for the Browser detection, a correct visual presentation of this Website will not be possible.


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